With Marvel Studios declining to participate in Comic-Con 2015 next month, Warner Bros. will have a big opportunity to showcase their own DC Comics superhero movie slate, which kicks off with next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The studio has yet to confirm their lineup for the San Diego convention, but there is no doubt that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be part of their Hall H presentation. The question that remains is, which stars from this superhero ensemble will be present? During a new interview for The End of the Tour, in theaters July 31, Jesse Eisenberg confirmed that he will be appearing at San Diego Comic Con 2015.

"I'll be there...I think I'm there for the hour I'm on the stage."
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While he wouldn't divulge any specifics about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor, or what will be shown at the Con, Jesse Eisenberg did praise the work of Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio, who reworked the original script by David S. Goyer.

"I like what this writer does, this guy Chris Terrio. He wrote this movie we did and I just think he's so great. He's such a good writer. I like what he does with characters, I like what he does with wordplay and cleverness. I like anything he writes."

We have only seen one trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice thus far, which didn't include a whole lot of footage from the movie itself, so many are assuming that the Warner Bros. panel will feature a full-length trailer will all-new footage. If that does happen, it remains unclear when it may be released to the public, but we'll be sure to keep you posted with any and all updates regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Are you looking forward to Jesse Eisenberg's appearance at SDCC? Do you think we may get our first look at his Lex Luthor character at the Con? Let us know what you think below.