When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters this coming March, fans will not only get to see both Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) on the big screen at the same time, but they'll also be introduced to the new Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). As it turns out, though, director Zack Snyder revealed to The Los Angeles Times that he almost cast Jesse Eisenberg in a completely different role. Here's what the filmmaker had to say.

"Let's call it a secret, but nevertheless it was the exact opposite of Lex Luthor. I feel like once [Jesse Eisenberg] found out who Lex was he embraced it. Once you kind of start digging into Lex, it's a bit of a scary thing to be that guy. I don't think he just goes 'Oh, I'll just be that guy and then when I go home I'm not him.' I think the thing with Jesse is he wasn't immune to the reality of playing a super-scary character."

While it isn't known who Jesse Eisenberg might have played, it is speculated that he may have been up for the Scoot McNairy, role, which is said to be a legless Jimmy Olsen injured the Battle of Metropolis. It is also believed that he may have been up for the role of Barry Allen, aka The Flash. When the first official photo of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was released, this iconic villain was shown with a completely bald head. Fans were then surprised when the first trailer was released, and Luthor was seen with a full head of hair. Jesse Eisenberg wouldn't comment on exactly how he becomes bald, but he did tease that it is the greatest scene he has ever filmed.

"Literally, there would be one of those Wile E. Coyote things where the piano drops from the sky randomly on his head. That's what will happen to me. When you see the movie, you'll see. It's the greatest scene that I've ever gotten to take part in - it accounts for the change in hair."

When Jesse Eisenberg was first announced, many fans weren't exactly pleased with the casting choice. The actor revealed that he finds it "disconcerting" that some fans are already willing to write off his performance before seeing it in full. Here's what the actor had to say below.

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"The only difference between this movie and everything else I've ever been in is this has an audience that has prior expectations, and that's the only thing that I find disconcerting because it feels like some people are occasionally ready to get angry at me for the part they haven't seen me play yet. It's bewildering."

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice launches Warner Bros. new DC Comics slate of movies, including Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016), Wonder Woman (June 23, 2017), Justice League Part 1 (November 17, 2017), The Flash (March 23, 2018), Aquaman (July 27, 2018), Shazam! (April 5, 2019), Justice League Part 2 (June 14, 2019), Cyborg (April 3, 2020) and Green Lantern Corps. (June 19, 2020). What do you think about these new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice developments? Chime in with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more, as we get closer to the March 25 release.