Another toy, another big plot twist ruined! Yes, a trio of action figures offer up a major plot twist for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, giving us a climactic spoiler that wasn't supposed to leak. Not this soon. And it gives us a fairly good idea about how this epic superhero adventure might end. Turn away now if you want to avoid SPOILERS!

Yes, we said 'might end', because sometimes toys and other merchandise aren't true representations of what we'll eventually see on screen. But why make this toy if it's not going to be in the movie? The action figure set in question features Batman in his armored Batsuit and Superman in his alien red and blue tights. But that's not the main draw here. For the first time, we get to see Lex Luthor in his Mega-Armor!

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Michael Shannon, whose super villain Zod passed away in Man of Steel, has long claimed that he will not be resurrected as Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though, those rumors persist. Perhaps he's telling the truth, and the big climatic fight scene at the end of the movie will feature Bruce Wayne and Kal-El going up against this monstrosity that we see here in action figure form.

It has long been rumored that Lex Luthor will step inside a mechanized suit of armor made out of Kryptonite. At least half of that rumor appears to be true. Though, with its black, purple and red hues, there is no indication here that this is made out of pieces from Kal-El's destroyed home planet. Is a Mega-Armored Lex Luthor the real big bad that these two icons will face at the end of the movie? Perhaps. But there's always room for Doomsday to make an appearance, this toy doesn't halt that notion completely.

We might be able to dismiss this toy set if Batman and Superman weren't wearing the same costumes that are seen in the movie. It's doubtful that the toy designers would have just come up with this look on their own. But it's possible, as we've seen plenty of character figures be introduced for movie lines over the past few years that never show up in the actual movie. This particular suit of armor that Lex Luthor is hiding inside doesn't resemble anything that has ever been seen in the comics. Those who've seen it speculate that it must be something original taken from the movie props that will be on display. It is speculated that Lex did create this out of Zod's armor. Take a look and make your own decisions.