When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next year, fans will be introduced to a brand new version of the iconic villain Lex Luthor, who will be brought to life by Jesse Eisenberg. Fortune Magazine has ran a profile on Lex Luthor, which could be the start of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's viral marketing campaign. The article includes a new photo of Luthor, and reveals that Luthor spends time "rappelling the climbing wall in his employee 'inspiration station' and coding in 'the crucible': the cutting-edge R & D lab." He also teases that his father, Lex Luthor Sr. was not expecting to have a child in an interview with the super villain.

"Dad named the company after himself ten years before I made my unexpected entrance into his life. But investors seemed to respond to the idea of an adoring father building a legacy for his precious son. He used that to his advantage. It was a good shtick and, whatever else he was, he was a good businessman. Dad was a complicated guy. He came from a country where the government, in the guise of protector, had absolute control over the citizens. That drove him. I get it. Heck, I'd hate to see that sort of thing happen over here."

The article adds that Lex Sr. passed away in 2000, after which the company was taken over by Lex Jr., who became the youngest ever to be named Fortune's Businessperson of the Year. The article adds that LexCorp grew to become the second largest emerging technology corporation in the world next to Wayne Enterprises, and that LexCorp has grown so much because it has taken on military contracts, something Wayne Enterprises refuses to do. Here's what Lex Jr. had to say about how military contracts are a "necessity."

"It's a necessity. We live in the most dangerous point of time in all of human history. Statistically speaking, it's a near certainty that another world-changing crisis is hurtling toward us like a speeding bullet. We have to be ready to defend ourselves. No civilization was ever conquered by having a strong military."

The article concludes with Luthor teasing a product that he claims will "change the world forever." He claims that this new technology will protect the people, "from threats you don't even know about yet. I don't want to scare anybody... much. But there are a lot of threats out there, and they're here today." It's possible this technology could be unveiled in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we don't know for sure.

At just 32 years of age, Jesse Eisenberg is much younger than actors such as Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey when they played Luthor on the big screen. Our first look at this new villain teased that Luthor would be unlike any version we've seen before. While speaking with Vulture, Jesse Eisenberg revealed that his version of Lex Luthor is a "scary person."

"This movie is so different. It has real psychological underpinnings, and this movie character feels like a real scary person."

Lex Luthor first appeared in the DC Comics in April 1940, just two years after Superman's first appearance in 1938. While the character is traditionally portrayed as bald, we saw Lex with a full head of hair in the second Batman v Superman trailer that debuted at Comic Con back in July. We know that Luthor will eventually go bald in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, since the first official photo released in March showed the villain without any hair. While the actor wouldn't comment about his bald look, he did discuss some of the research he did before shooting.

"There is this trove of stuff about this guy. A lot of it's repetitive, like he always winds up on the roof of his building giving some faux benevolent talk about how he's going to change the city. It's fun to take that campy cartoony stuff and try to put it into a real person and try to reconcile the two."

The actor added that he didn't want to read too much of the comic books, for fear of turning into an, "obsequious comic book fan" who was "too excited to stop smiling" during the production. There still is much we don't know about Lex Luthor, although it has been rumored that he obtains the corpse of General Zod from Man of Steel, which he uses to create the super villain known as Doomsday. There have also been rumors that he will appear in Suicide Squad, making a deal with human traffickers for Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), a deal that the squad tries to stop.

It isn't known when the next trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will debut, but hopefully we'll get to see more of Lex Luthor in action when that footage debuts. Are you intrigued by Jesse Eisenberg's take on Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Or would you rather have seen the production go in a different direction? Check out the new photo and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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