One of the big questions swirling around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was whether or not Jesse Eisenberg's new take on iconic villain Lex Luthor would actually be bald. There were a couple of different rumors. One claimed he had red curly hair, while another said he'd gone bleach blonde and was rocking a style similar to early-90s Kurt Cobain. Director Zack Snyder decided to end all of the speculation when he finally revealed the first photo of Jesse Eisenberg in character a few weeks ago. Lex is indeed bald, which required Eisenberg to shave his head. Talking with Seth Meyers on Late Night, the actor revealed that the whole process was quite terrifying. About the transformation, he says:

"I've never been able to touch my scalp. It's freezing. It's really strange. You know, it's the kind of thing where you feel like 'I can really damage myself.' You wanna wear a helmet. It's terrifying, it's terrifying."

Jesse Eisenberg went onto to talk about the secrecy surrounding the movie, and what this required of the actors. He references an old paparazzi photo that featured him walking with his head covered up. About the shooting process, and what his co-stars had to go through, he states:

"You'd think there would be something more threatening than the floral arrangement [on my head]. Everything is like shrouded in secrecy and the people are shrouded in bandannas. You know, Superman, Henry Cavill, in like baggy sweatpants."
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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange