The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crew is not having the best of times keeping things locked down in Michigan. First they reportedly had a Batmobile stolen, and now a local working as an extra has stolen some key scene information, providing a couple of big spoilers and one massive reveal to a local TV station in East Lansing. You should stop reading now, as MAJOR SPOILERS lie ahead...

Speaking with News 10 WILX, an unidentified source working on director Zack Snyder's impending superhero adventure confirms that a female Robin does appear in Dawn of Justice. This matches up with what we've heard recently regarding Jena Malone possibly joining the film, after she was spotted on set and then later revealed her new red hair on Instargram, which matches Robin's look in the Frank Miller graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. It seems we'll definitely be seeing Carrie Kelley in the movie. Though, as explained in the below video, it sounds like this may have been a character added to the script late in the game. It should be noted that the news reporter may have simply gotten this news off the sources who have been reporting it on the Internet, and not the unidentified man on set. That is not made quite clear in the report.

Also of note, with DC's big movie and cast announcement from earlier in the week not including this information, if true, the introduction and reveal of Robin may be one of the surprises left to be discovered in the movie while you are watching it on screen (we did give you a spoiler warning), much like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's ultimate reveal in The Dark Knight Rises.

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The news video, which includes a man hidden in the shadows trying to stay anonymous so he doesn't get sued for $500 million, goes onto detail a party scene at Lex Luthor's house, where the super villain and Bruce Wayne get into an altercation. It should be noted that Bruce is not in his Batman armor at the time. The fight does get physical. The military will later show up, and the extra claims there will be fireworks, paparazzi and heavy special effects. There is a casting call out for this weekend, asking for people with military experience.

While there is no official word, and the extra certainly could be lying just to get on the local news, local college students have corroborated these reports of a giant party at Lex Luthor's house. Check out the embedded news report with the man's full description along with photos of the house in question, Lex's car and a photo Jena Malone posted on her Instagram account shortly after she dyed her hair red. Is she Carrie Kelley?

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange