Zack Snyder's live-stream of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has led to the director revealing a number of little bits and pieces of information and insights into his thought-processes behind the movie, as well as a few behind the scenes disclosures and intriguing easter eggs. These include Synder going into some detail about the infamous "Martha Moment", with the director providing his perspective to the much-discussed (and often criticized) sequence.

One participating fan has communicated the director's words via social media, giving us all the opportunity to know exactly what Snyder has to say about this heavily debated movie moment. It begins with Snyder explaining why Batman ended up looking the way he did in his busted up armor, and what he hoped audiences would interpret from it.

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"Batman's mask is being removed, revealing his true nature. His face is not hidden anymore. This is his true intent. He wants to kill Superman."

This is a nice little touch, and certainly provides proof as to how much Zack Snyder looks into the minute details of what he is putting on screen. Though, it was also pretty clear how much Batman wanted to kill Superman simply by the fact that he was about to stab him through the heart. Plus the fact that you could quite clearly see the hate in his eyes, even through that heavily armored helmet. Still, it is interesting to hear Snyder's interpretation of events.

It is then that Snyder refers specifically to the much-maligned Martha Moment, once again providing some insight into how he came to this divisive decision.

"Bruce is trying to justify his actions with how he views the world. The way he forces it to. "He's basically turned into the murderer of his parents. He's allowing them to kill Martha. He's blinded by his hatred. He's become the thing he hates.""

Most audiences fully understood the subtext of the moment, but many to this day still do not enjoy it, with some fans finding it nothing short of baffling, even laughable, creatively.

"Bruce has been reinvigorated and motivated to do what he couldn't and save Martha. He's motivated by a cleaner version of his morality."

Snyder clearly put a lot of thought into how he would ultimately conclude the titular battle of Batman versus Superman, but there are those who will always wonder what would have happened had Superman's mother's name been 'Karen' instead.

For those unaware, the "Martha Moment" happens towards the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as the plot threads culminate with Lex holding Clark's adoptive mother, Martha, hostage. Threatening to kill her unless he kills Batman, a fight breaks out between the superhero pair. Batman gets the upper hand with a variety of Kryptonite-infused weapons, and, seeing Superman as the ultimate threat to the world and now willing to break his famous rule, Batman prepares to deliver the killing blow with a Kryptonite spear.

However, Superman is able to get through to Batman with what he believed was to be his final breath. Urging Batman to "Save Martha," the Caped Crusader (whose mother was also named Martha) is shaken long enough for Lois Lane (Amy Adams) to intervene and thus bring Bruce Wayne back to his senses.

Unfortunately, the moment did not resonate too well with audiences and instead continues to be a moment of mockery to this day. This comes to us courtesy of Twitter user UberKryptonian.