When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters in March, it was trounced by the critics, but even the harshest critic may have been kinder than Mel Gibson. The filmmaker brought his latest film, Hacksaw Ridge to the Venice Film Festival, and during the Q&A session, he had some harsh words for superhero movies in general, while particularly singling out Warner Bros.' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Judging by his comments, we won't be seeing Mel Gibson in any sort of superhero movie, anytime soon.

Deadline caught up with Mel Gibson after the screening of his film, which received a 10-minute standing ovation. There weren't too many ovations, standing or otherwise, for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which kicked off Warner Bros.' growing DCEU slate. While it brought in $872.6 million at the box office, it received scathing reviews, with Mel Gibson adding more fuel to the critical fire. Here's what he had to say, when asked about superhero movies in general, before offering his concise opinion on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"I look at them and scratch my head. I'm really baffled by it. I think there's a lot of waste but maybe if I did one of those things with the green screens I'd find out different. I don't know. Maybe they do cost that much. I don't know. It seems to me that you could do it for less. If you're spending outrageous amounts of money, $180 million or more, I don't know how you make it back after the tax man gets you, and after you give half to the exhibitors. What did they spend on Batman v Superman that they're admitting to? And it's a piece of shit. I'm not interested in the stuff. Do you know what the difference between real superheroes and comic book superheroes is? Real superheroes didn't wear spandex. So I don't know. Spandex must cost a lot."

As for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the number Warner Bros.' is "admitting to" is $250 million, although reports surfaced in February that the budget had actually ballooned to $400 million. Regardless, the $872.6 million worldwide tally was still seen as a disappointment to the studio, which was hoping for over $1 billion. The studio's superhero rival, Marvel Studios, cracked $1 billion earlier this year with Captain America: Civil War, which also reportedly cost $250 million and took in $1.1 billion worldwide.

Mel Gibson's new movie Hacksaw Ridge will also find itself in direct competition with another superhero movie, going up against Marvel's Doctor Strange on November 4. Hacksaw Ridge stars Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss, the World War II medic who became the first ever Conscientious Objector to receive the Medal of Honor. Mel Gibson will reportedly be directing a sequel to The Passion of the Christ next which centers on the resurrection of Jesus.