With everything being planned for the mega-blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's truly strange that so many fans have become focused on Jesse Eisenberg's hairstyle as Lex Luthor. Some reports say he will have bright red hair, others say he will have shoulder-length bleached blonde hair that is reminiscent of early 90s Kurt Cobain. Some speculate that, like Lex in the early comics, he will have hair that eventually gets burned off in a laboratory experiment.

Jesse Eisenberg isn't giving the secret away, appearing in most paparazzi photos with a rag over his head. Today, we get a new photo of the actor, and guess what? He has hair. But is it his? Or is he trying to conceal his bald head? Take a look at the image in question, which finds the aloof thespian agreeing to a rare photo with fan Nicole Yioupis.

The photo has gone viral, which hasn't been met with much excitement by Nicole Yioupis. She tweets out this refrain.

The lady should have known there would be interest in this type of photo. In it, Jesse Eisenberg is clearly covering either a hairstyle he doesn't want us to see yet, or he has gone bald. Or, maybe, this is Lex Luthor's own wig. In the original 1978 Superman, Gene Hackman wore a horrible, obvious wig as Lex Luthor only later exposing his bald head at the end of the movie.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange