While some have disputed that this latest photo of director Zack Snyder is actually from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set, there seems to be enough evidence to back that up. But is he standing within one of Gotham's gothic cathedrals about to shoot an important scene with Ben Affleck as The Dark Knigtht? Or is he tangling with Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel on this particularly gloomy day? That, we don't know. But the image still looks pretty cool, right?

Photographer Clay Enos posted this artful looking director profile on his personal Instagram page. He is the man responsible for the first official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice character photos, which individually revealed Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in their gritty glory.

Sadly, this image doesn't tell us too much about the movie, or even which scene is being shot. It is quite atmospheric and dark, which has led many to believe it is a look at a set related somehow to Bruce Wayne. After doing some digging, Batman News discovered that Zack Snyder is wearing the same outfit here as he was back in May 2014 when they began shooting with Gal Gadot. Clay Enos also took the photo which is used as evidence. There is some speculation that the location seen in the new photo is the same set used to photograph the official Batman and Batmobile image that made waves earlier last year. What do you think?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange