If you're trying to avoid any and all Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spoilers, this is not the place to be. New set photos have hit the Internet, and they tease one of the more iconic moments from Batman's backstory as a crime fighting vigilante. Read on if you dare...

In the past couple of weeks, we've seen a number of photos that reveal The Wayne family mausoleum, located in Orion Oaks County Park in Lake Orion, Michigan. Now, with filming taking place in Chicago, we get to see a second, equally important landmark, as the theater outside of which Bruce Wayne's parents gets shot is revealed in full.

Fan Dan Marcus snapped these images directly from the Chicago set, and quickly posted them on Instagram. Any true DC Comics or Dark Knight fan will recognize the marquee on the the theaters, which is playing The Mark of Zorro. This is the film that was playing the night Bruce's parents were shot down in cold blood. So, it seems as though this very iconic moment will be recreated once again for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, mostly likely serving as a flashback.

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On the other side of the marquee is the 1981 King Arthur classic Excalibur. It isn't known if this scene is taking place in 1981, or if this is a revival theater. Going off of star Ben Affleck's real age of 42, that means Bruce was 9 years old when the attack occurred. As you can see in one of the posters, it is the 1940 Tyrone Power version of The Mark of Zorro that is being shown at the time of the incident. While both the 1920 and 1940 versions of the movie have been referenced in the comic books, the one seen here is the same as the one seen in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. That graphic novel has often been cited as a source of inspiration for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Take a look at these iconic images from the Chicago set, along with a vintage Gotham taxi, a map of the Gotham River courtesy of the Gotham Transit Authority, and a couple more snap shots of the new Daily Planet building.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange