More Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set photos and video have come online, which tease the epic Batmobile chase we've been hearing so much about. First up, Twitter user Tim Malin paid a visit to the Russell Industrial Center set, the site of last week's night shoots, where he was able to snap images of two Batmobile stunt vehicles, along with an exploded Gotham City Gas tanker. We also get to see the Gotham City Gas building itself. Check out this tease of what is sure to be an explosive moment from the finished film.

Last week, we were able to show off a very brief video of the Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in action, which took place during this week of night shoots near the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit. Today, we have another very short video from the set in River Rouge, Michigan, just over 12 miles away from the Russell Industrial Center. It offers a peek at the Batmobile peeling away as it continues to engage in this epic chase.

Take a look at the video below, along with a message from Jeff K, the YouTube user who uploaded this behind-the-scenes look:

"Behind the scenes footage of a chase scene from the upcoming Batman v Superman movie shot on location in River Rouge Mi. Sorry about the quality as I had to be discreet while taping this."

Stay tuned for more photos and videos as production continues on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit.