Ever since production started on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit, we know that the city has been doubling for Washington D.C. and Metropolis. Today, new photos from Twitter users Tim Reinman and Tim Malin reveal that the city is also being used for parts of Gotham, particularly, the Gotham City Jail. Take a look at the photos, then read on for more details.

These photos have some fans wondering whether the Gotham City jail's presence hints at an appearance by Commissioner Gordon. Of course, that hasn't been confirmed at this time, but stay tuned for more photos and videos from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as production continues in Detroit.

In the DC Comics, the Gotham Jail served as a temporary holding facility before the major offenders were shipped off to Stonegate Penitentiary or Arkham Asylum. It remains to be seen how the building will be used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or if it will also be used in the impending Justice League movie.