Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't tapping out for the day just yet. After giving us the /batman-v-superman-poster-ben-affleck-no-logo/Logo-Free Ben Affleck IMAX character poster, a /batman-vs-superman-ben-affleck-costume-color-photo/full color Batman costume photo and /batman-v-superman-costume-art-batsuit-armor/Batsuit and Superman Battle Armor promo art, we now get a set of three epic posters. These boxing style fight flyers all tease the blockbuster battle at the center of this next DC Comics adventure.

Each poster is basically a variation on the same idea, with the first image teasing Superman's heat vision, which he'll surely put to good use against the Dark Knight's battle armor in the ultimate face off. The second poster touts a showdown in Gotham City with a clash between the world's finest, an obvious nod to the comic books. This poster also reveals that Kal-El's laser focus will come in handy against Bruce Wayne's technologically advanced fight suit. The final poster of the three claims that both of these superhero gods are fighting for control of Gotham City. Is that a plot point we should pay attention too? Or just a cool way of selling this rumble in the Gotham jungle home? We'll have to wait almost a year to see for ourselves.

Henry Cavill reprises his Man of Steel role as Clark Kent in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Ben Affleck making his debut appearance as billionaire vigilante Bruce Wayne. Zack Snyder is directing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from a script by Chris Terrio. The no-holds barred fight at the center of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is said to come midway through the movie, serving as one of two major action set pieces. The second of which will see both superheroes putting aside their differences in the third act to face an even bigger threat to Gotham and Metropolis. Take a look at these cool promos below:

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Batman V Superman Fight Poster 1
Batman V Superman Fight Poster 2
Batman V Superman Fight Poster 3
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B. Alan Orange