Yesterday, a rumor started to spread like wild fire that director Zack Snyder had cast his teenage son Eli Snyder to play the Dark Knight's iconic sidekick Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, Zack Snyder's longtime photographer is throwing a gallon of gasoline on those rumors, sharing a photo on both Instagram and Twitter, which shows Zack Snyder and Eli Snyder standing together. He gleefully asks the question, 'Boy Wonder?'

Eli Snyder is seen in his tuxedo, and as reported yesterday, he attends Maranatha High. This could simply be a picture from his prom done by a very professional photographer. But fans have been quick to assume that it is a photo from the set. Is Jason Todd heading to prom? Where he is killed by The Joker? Well, that doesn't really match up with previous reports. Or the fact that Jason appears to have died in his Robin costume. A scene in the new trailer shows that costume hanging in Bruce Wayne's bat cave, sprawled with yellow spray paint courtesy of the Joker, taunting Batman for the death of his partner.

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It has long been rumored that Robin dies at the hands of The Joker in a quick flashback seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Jared Leto will have a quick cameo, with Eli Snyder said to play the dead body of Robin. We know that scenes with both Jared Leto and Ben Affleck's Batman have been shot, though those scenes showed up in the first Suicide Squad trailer. Jared Leto's participation in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has never been confirmed by the studio, or anyone associated with the film. Though, The Joker's presence is felt throughout the latest trailer.

The Robin death scene is believed to pay homage to the iconic 1988 comic A Death in the Family. Other rumors state that The Joker is the only one to have ever come face to face with Batman, as the vigilante uses drones to hunt and track his prey. Gotham and Metropolis are "twin cities" in the movie with the director likening them to San Francisco and Oakland, which are separated by a bay. How this plays into The Joker side story is anyone's guess, but that idea also somehow ties into the events seen in Suicide Squad. The DC super villain adventure is said to take place in the time period between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which lines up with everything we've heard and seen thus far.

Eli Snyder is no stranger to acting. He has starred in 3 of his father's movies, playing young Leonidas in 300, young Rorscach in Watchmen and "Tommy Soldier #1" in Sucker Punch. He is a quarterback for Maranatha High and he is committed to attending UCLA this fall to study film. His role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is said to be in-line with his other cameos, and won't last more than a few minutes. Some believe Robin will come back from the dead to avenge his death as The Red Hood in future DC movies. But Warner Bros. has never claimed to be taking this route. What do you think about Zack Snyder's son playing Robin? Do you think it's him?