Critics and fans alike have constantly been bothered by the amount of damage Superman and Zod bestow upon Metropolis in Man of Steel. It's a contentious plot point that director Zack Snyder promises he will answer for in the follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But while the climactic ending of that first movie will serve to propel the new plot forward, don't expect these superheroes and villains to take it easy on DC's iconic city.

New set photos have emerged, which show some of the damage inflicted upon Metropolis' city buses and police cars. These arrive courtesy of a fan on Twitter. Take a look:

The first tweet is in reference to a wind storm that hit Detorit during filming, which took down some of the oversized greenscreen that the production had in place. Its unlikely that a gale force could do such damage to a city bus or a squad car. Here, you can see what the weather actually brought:

What do you think of these latest images? Are you excited to see Clark Kent's city back under fire? Or do you think director Zack Snyder should give the city a much needed break and focus on Gotham for a few minutes instead?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange