Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set video is coming in fast and furious. /batman-v-superman-set-video-shows-more-car-chase-action/Earlier today we got a look at some of the car chase that is being shot in Detroit this past week. Most of these videos have featured Ben Affleck's stand-ins, of which he seems to have a couple. Now, we get a good look at the actor himself, in action on the set. Ben is required to run down the street, and he truly looks old and out of breath as an aging Bruce Wayne. These shots are reportedly from a scene that involves Lex Luthor destroying Metropolis, though that hasn't been confirmed by the studio. Check it out as the real Bruce Wayne struts his stuff for the camera, looking to his director Zack Snyder afterwards for any indication that he did okay.

Twitter has also brought in a storm of photos from the set, some of which also include Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. You can check out the latest images here:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange