It is no secret that director Zack Snyder has a very deep fondness for Star Wars. Even before the release of Man of Steel, he was sharing Batman V Superman and Star Wars mashup images from a galaxy far, far away and the DC Extended Universe. Now, he has taken things a step further and created his own mashup trailer, bringing together Star Wars and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The trailer, titled Darkside Knight V Superjedi, started out as a Vero exclusive, but made its way onto YouTube so that we can all enjoy it. Or at least see it, since the amount of enjoyment fans will derive will vary. In it, Zack Snyder still pits Ben Affleck's Batman against Henry Cavill's Superman, but they both have lightsabers this time. Also, there is a lot of various Star Wars dialogue in the background from seemingly every single movie in the Star Wars saga. Seriously, there is a lot.

As is usually the case with Zack Snyder, visually, Darkside Knight V Superjedi, is outstanding. There are some really cool shots, perhaps most notably when Batman ignites a Darth Maul-style, double-bladed red lightsaber. Also, instead of saying "Do you bleed?" to Superman, Batman says "Tell me, do you embrace the darkside?" So in this narrative, which is where things get confusing, it seems like Darth Vader and the Emperor want to turn Superman to the Darkside of the Force and are going to use Batman to do so. Why Batman would be working for them in this scenario is very unclear, but he does have a Darth Vader costume in the Batcave, so there's that.

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It is hard to know when Zack Snyder found the time to do this, but despite how you feel about the finished product, it is pretty cool that he did it in the first place. He is currently busy working on Justice League, which is very nearly finished filming and is due out in theaters in just a little less than a year. There have been rumors circulating that a new trailer for the movie is coming out soon, so it seems like he may have been working on a couple of different trailers at the same time. Maybe he just wanted to make an audition tape of sorts to direct a future Star Wars movie? But probably not.

Outside of Star Wars Easter eggs like lightsabers and a bunch of potentially distracting dialogue in the background of the trailer, Zack Snyder also made use of the Millennium Falcon and had graffiti painted on the Superman statue that read "False Jedi." Much like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this will probably be a little divisive, though probably not quite as much so. Again, not visually because if there is one thing Zack Snyder is good at, it is making things fanboys and fangirls love look very awesome. Be sure to check out the trailer for Darkside Knight V Superjedi for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott