When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next year, history will be made, since this massive big-budget adventure will pit Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) against each other for the first time on the big screen. Of course, every superhero movie needs a villain, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will feature none other than Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg. From the little we know about Lex so far, it's clear that he is much different from previous versions we've seen on both the big and small screens. Today, we have a new synopsis from the U.K. theater chain Odeon Cinemas, which reveals a new twist regarding Luthor.

"At long last, see Batman and Superman square off against each other in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, an epic superhero showdown which will change both their lives forever. Clark Kent doesn't trust Gotham's mysterious masked vigilante. Bruce Wayne doesn't trust the alien who nearly destroyed Metropolis. And Lex Luthor, who hates Superman more than anyone, is manipulating both of them for his own twisted ends. Choose your side: the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight? Learn the answer to the age-old question - who would win? - in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."
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The new twist that Lex is manipulating both Batman and Superman hasn't been revealed before, and even if it's true, we're not exactly sure how this villain ends up "manipulating" them both. There isn't much known about Luthor's grand plan, but it has been rumored that he ends up obtaining the corpse of General Zod (Michael Shannon) after his infamous battle with Superman in 2013's Man of Steel. Rumor has it that he uses the corpse to create the iconic villain Doomsday, who will be the "muscle" for Luthor.

A recent "profile" of Lex in a fictional edition of Fortune Magazine revealed that Lex took over his father's LexCorp company in 2000, growing it into the second-largest tech company in the world, behind Wayne Enterprises. The viral article teased a new technology that LexCorp uses to change the world and protect people from threats they don't even know about yet. Just a few weeks later, a viral LexCorp site was launched, announcing that the company's new operating system, Lex/OS, dubbed, "the world's most private and secure operating system," will launch this winter. It remains to be seen how this operating system will tie into the plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but perhaps it could be used to procure secrets about both superheroes.

We also know that, by the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the two title heroes will eventually join forces and form the Justice League with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). It has also been rumored that Lex Luthor will appear in Suicide Squad, so perhaps he will continue his manipulative efforts against Batman and Superman in that movie as well. What do you think about this new Lex Luthor twist?