Hope you're not tired of watching the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that was released at Comic-Con last Saturday. We're nearly a week out, and a brand-new version of the trailer has arrived, recut for theaters. This latest sneak peek doesn't give us any new footage. In fact, it is one minute and 10 seconds shorter than what we've already seen. But that doesn't mean it's better or worse either way.

Some claim that this reworked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has a 'snippet' of new Wonder Woman footage, but it will take an eagle-eyed viewer to point it out. While the two big money shots of the superhero remain intact, one quick glimpse of Princess Diana of Themyscira in her civilian dress, arriving at a party, has been cut for time. Quite a bit has been cut from the footage, actually, while certain bits of dialogue have been used in different places. Overall, it doesn't change the tone of what director Zack Snyder is trying to convey.

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Gone is a shot of a topless Ben Affleck pulling an old tire across the floor of a hallowed out Wayne Manor as he trains for his big fight against Kal-El. Jeremy Irons still appears as Alfred the Butler, but his speech to Bruce is slightly tweaked, and used just a little bit differently. We no longer see Bruce and a group of mourners carrying caskets to the Wayne Mortuarium. Most importantly, while we still see the newspaper that many believe The Joker sent to Batman, claiming the millionaire let his family die, the iconic shot of Robin's costume, sprawled with Joker graffiti has been excised. That comes as a pretty big cut.

Also getting a bit of a tweak is the relationship between Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor and Holly Hunter's senator. His speech about Devils coming from the sky is used over slightly modified footage. The fact that someone has entered Lex Corp. to fire off quite a few rounds, deflating the villain's beloved basketball arrives earlier than before. And we see that Lex is quite fond of his motorcycle. Moments that were included in the Comic-Con cut, sure, but they are more pronounced, and seem more important here.

There is also one key scene of Batman fighting a group of men that is missing. Does it do anything to change how awesome the trailer is? Well, yes, if you've seen the longer version first. It will definitely feel like something is missing. But theaters have been lobbying for shorter trailers, and the original's runtime of three minutes and twenty seconds doesn't fit within industry standards. While we don't really get to see anything new at all, it does leave us with a slightly different outlook. Which isn't good or bad. You can watch the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice theatrical trailer here, followed by the original extended cut. Which one do you like best? Can you spot any differences that we missed?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange