While production was under way on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder was spotted in a few set photos with his Sucker Punch co-star Jena Malone. Since the actress wasn't confirmed as part of the cast at that point, it didn't take long for rumors to surface that she was playing Batgirl in this superhero adventure. As it turned out, she didn't play Batgirl, and her scenes didn't make it into the theatrical cut, although you can see her as S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Jenet Klyburn in the Ultimate Edition, which debuted on Blu-ray and DVD this week. Today we have word that a new Easter Egg was discovered, which hints that Batgirl may be waiting in the wings after all.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user discovered something in a scene where Alfred (Jeremy Irons) is working at the Bat-computer. As you can see in the photo below, the Bat-computer is connected to the "Oracle Network," which may certainly be a hint that Batgirl/Oracle could be brought in for future movies. It also could have no connection whatsoever to this comic book character, but we don't know for sure.

In the DC Comics, Barbara Gordon became Oracle after she was paralyzed by The Joker in the iconic comic book Batman: The Killing Joke, which has recently been adapted into an animated movie by Warner Bros. that will have its premiere at Comic-Con this weekend. Oracle uses her considerable computer skills to help everyone from the Suicide Squad to Batman in the comics. Of course, it's possible this Easter Egg was placed to help set up a recently-announced project.

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Warner Bros. recently confirmed that they are developing a spinoff movie that will feature Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and may also include Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. It's possible that this movie is set before both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, showcasing Barbara Gordon's origins as Batgirl before her paralysis and eventual transformation into the Oracle. Then again, no plot details for that project were revealed, and there doesn't seem to be a writer or director attached quite yet.

It remains to be seen if director Zack Snyder or anyone else from Batman v Superman will add some clarification regarding this potential Easter Egg. It's certainly possible that the mention of Oracle could just be a coincidence, but there are rarely any coincidences in a massive shared universe like this. Take a look at the photo below, and stay tuned for more on this new Easter Egg.