Now that it's all over for the most part, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wrapped up its theatrical run with a seemingly impressive $872 million box office take. But that was not what Warner Bros. had in mind. With Batman and Superman on screen together for the first time, they had billion dollar expectations, which clearly didn't happen. Much of that was due to the weak critical reception and bad word of mouth from fans. But the R-rated ultimate edition might change that. Might.

According to cinematographer Larry Fong, the 3 hour rated R cut of the film very well may win some more fans over. Fong took to his Twitter in order to let everyone know that he has watched the ultimate edition cut of the film and that he loved it. Here is what Fong had to say.

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"Watched the #UltimateEdition again; now believe EVERYONE will LOVE it. Pre-order TODAY! #BatmanvSuperman #WBHomeEnt"

What is most notable in Fong's latest comment is that he said "again," as in that he had watched it before. If you missed it, a little over a week ago Fong had sent out a different tweet about the ultimate edition of BvS and was much less optimistic about it. "Those of you who are fans, will dig it. If you hated it, you'll still hate it," Fong said in his initial tweet. Perhaps another viewing of the film made him change his tone, but it sort of smells like Warner Bros. wasn't happy with his initial comments and encouraged him to do a little course correction.

Zack Snyder had a much longer cut of Dawn of Justice that he wanted to release, but the studio felt they couldn't release a three hour version so they had him edit it down. One of the big criticisms of the film is that much of it did feel rushed and there was a lot of jarring editing which would cut rapidly from scene to scene, so it is very possible that some extra footage could help with that. Though, it is hard to imagine that the movie is different enough to make everyone suddenly love it.

Warner Bros. has massive plans with their DC Comics Extended Universe films and the problems with BvS aren't going to get in the way of that. The studio has definitely made some changes though, having shifted around some executive spots with comic book writer turned studio executive Geoff Johns now overseeing all DC Comics films. Though Zack Snyder was already too deep into production on Justice League to be pulled off the project, Warner Bros. has also done their best to right the ship on that film, moving Ben Affleck up to the role of Executive Producer. The Blu-Ray Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on July 19.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott