The DC Comics movie news continues to roll on into the night. After 10 new titles were announced this morning, followed by possible casting and story rumors, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting in on the action with a special news report out of New Mexico.

Zack Snyder and his crew have begun construction on something huge in the New Mexico desert. And it looks to be some sort of giant fortress. Spotted just outside of Deming, some are speculating that this could be the Hall of Justice. Or maybe its a secret villain layer built by Lex Luthor.

DC and Warner Bros. obviously have no comment, but Albuqerque's own KOAT 7 brings video of the construction site, and the buildings being erected there. Along with comments from the locals who have seen this giant set with their own eyes.

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While we won't likely know what this structure is being used for, some are already speculating that it is Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscrira. It could also be Aquaman's underwater kingdom, with CGI being used to create an underwater environment. Take a look, and begin your own speculation.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange