Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently shooting in Chicago, and a ton of set photos and video have arrived featuring Henry Cavill suited up and taking flight with Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

/batman-v-superman-jena-malone-kahina/While we showed you a few of these photos last night, higher quality versions have arrived online, giving us a great look at Henry Cavill in his slightly updated super suit. Amy Adams looks almost exactly as she did in Man of Steel, so one has to wonder exactly how much time has passed between both movies.

The video and photos come from Chicago's Federal Plaza, where shooting took place on Friday night (November 7) in Chicago, Ill. Fox 32 out of Chicago were able to get some nice footage of the two stars swinging over the landmark building, and some very nice images were grabbed by the local paparazzi. Take a look:

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange