This past weekend, the ultimate geek fantasy came true as The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel went fist-to-fist in the new full-length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that debuted at Comic-Con. We finally got a better understanding of why Bruce Wayne doesn't like Kryptonian alien Kal-El, as we see the millionaire in the midst of the climactic fight at the end of Man of Steel. He watches as one of his Wayne Industry buildings fall in the damage being caused, and certainly holds a grudge for these actions. A new video has arrived, though, that proves Batman is blaming the wrong person.

Blame Zod! That's a new mantra storming the Internet as one enthusiastic fan matches up a scene from Man of Steel featuring Zod (Michael Shannon) using his laser vision to level a high rise building with a scene from the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which shows Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) watching the devastation from outside. We get to see the climactic Metropolis battle from an entirely new perspective. And it seems that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is much more of a sequel than it's been let on.

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Take a look at this amazing side-by-side comparison. Director Zack Snyder truly knows how to connect the dots, and proves that he always intended for the climactic Man of Steel ending to have a greater resonance throughout the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe. We also have a brand new photo from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This one features Ben Affleck in his Desert bat fatigues. One of the new trailer's most striking images finds a group of military men taking down Batman in the midst of a Middle Eastern war, as he screams through the blistering sand. Now, we have a better look at that outfit, and it's protective goggles.

Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City's own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis's most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it's ever known before. We've also included the full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer for you to watch once again, and see how these events and moments play out within the structure of the story.

Batman V Superman Desert Fatigues
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B. Alan Orange