As production continues on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Chicago today, Ben Affleck was spotted in character as Bruce Wayne, running towards a police vehicle in the first of three brief videos from the set. We also see the actor trying to climb over what appears to be a highway barricade, after he gets dropped off by a helicopter at the Chicago Police Department's Marine Station.

Today's scenes were also shot near Chicago's Navy Pier, with Ben Affleck in costume near some rough looking waters, leading to speculation that Aquaman (Jason Momoa) may be involved, although he wasn't spotted on set. It's worth noting that, just a few days ago, a sign displaying the name Kahina was spotted, a character who is a part of The Others and has ties to Aquaman. We also reported earlier today that more signs from the set tease KGBeast and NKVDemon, villains who have battled with The Others in the comic books.

In these latest images, we also see the helicopter itself in one of several new photos from the set, along with a new version of the Daily Planet logo from inside the building itself. You may also notice that Ben Affleck is wearing the same outfit from the first set photos that were taken from the Detroit set in August.

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Of course, we have no idea what's actually happening in these images and videos, as far as how it relates to the story, but CLICK HERE to take a look at the first two videos and check out the rest below from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set.