Earlier today, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice producer Charles Roven revealed new details about why they cast Ben Affleck as Batman in this highly-anticipated superhero adventure. At the very end of his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the producer revealed an intriguing tidbit about Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, that hints her origin story falls in line with the New 52 DC Comics reboot.

"Wonder Woman is in it. We know that. She has powers. She's a goddess. She's a demi-god. Her father was Zeus."
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In the original DC Comics, Wonder Woman was literally molded from clay by Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, who desired a daughter. The Amazons were created by the gods, using the souls of women murdered by men. There was one soul remaining, the unborn daughter of Hippolyta, the first woman ever to be murdered by a man. Hippolyta made a figure out of clay, and used the last remaining soul to bring Diana/Wonder Woman to life.

The New 52 reboot is much different, with Diana born out of her mother Hippolyta's union with Zeus, the Greek god who still walks the Earth along with the other gods. The "legend" of her clay creation is told to Diana by Hippolyta to protect her. It remains to be seen just how much of Wonder Woman's back story fans will get in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, since it will largely focus on the battle between the two title characters. Of course, it's possible this origin will be explored further in the impending Justice League and a potential Wonder Woman stand alone movie, which was hinted at in an unconfirmed report from June.

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