Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has yet to appear in a DC-based movie, but the wrestler-turned-actor says he's up for starring as Clayface in a solo movie following the Batman villain. This week on Twitter, comic book writer B.J. Mendelson claimed he wasn't feeling the upcoming Joker movie, insisting that the only Batman villain who should be given a solo movie is the Matt Hagen Clayface portrayed by Bautista. In response, Bautista appeared to love the idea, emphatically telling Mendelson, "I'm going to enthusiastically agree with you on that."

While no such thing is in development, the concept of a movie about Clayface does sound interesting. The character has been depicted in many different ways throughout various Batman comic books and animated shows and movies, but the supervillain is typically a shape-shifter able to take on any form he chooses. In particular, the original Matt Hagen version of the character from Detective Comics #298 became Clayface after finding a radioactive pool of protoplasm in a cave. When he discovers that the mysterious substance gives him shape-shifting abilities but that the effect is only temporary, Hagen must make frequent trips back to the pool to maintain his special powers.

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Other versions of Matt Hagen and the other Clayface incarnations have been seen over the years, but perhaps the most well-known depiction of the character came in Batman: The Animated Series. Making his debut in the critically-acclaimed episode "Feat of Clay," Hagen is this time depicted as an actor whose face is disfigured in a car accident.

Eager to restore his looks, Hagen becomes a corrupt businessman's test subject for a "beauty cream" which gives him the ability to alter his face. When Hagen gets addicted and tries to steal the whole stash, some goons force him to consume an entire canister of the cream. This permanently transforms Hagen into the muddy, clay-like creature he becomes, though the supervillain retains the ability to shapeshift into anything or anyone he wants to for short periods of time.

Clayface is not the first Batman villain Dave Bautista has said he's open to portraying. When a fan on Twitter suggested this summer Bautista should take on the role of the behemoth Bane for the DCEU, the actor plainly responded, "I accept!" Given the large physique of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it's easy to see Bautista in a role like this as well. While it does not appear Bautista has yet had any talks with Warner Bros. about coming into the DCEU or any other DC movies, it's clear the actor is interested. Whether it's Bane, Clayface, or any other character from Batman or DC lore, it does seem to be a mere matter of time before Bautista finally gets his chance.

Even without the DCEU, there's plenty of big movies for fans of Bautista to anticipate. Next year, he'll be starring in movies like the action comedy My Spy, a new version of Dune, and Zack Snyder's zombie flick Army of the Dead. Chances are, we'll soon enough see him as Drax the Destroyer again in the MCU as well. Bautista's tweet about Clayface comes to us from Dave Bautista on Twitter.