Yesterday, we got the original /batman-v-superman-poster-ben-affleck-no-logo/IMAX character poster of Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice without that giant Superman logo covering his face. The image revealed a brooding, angry vigilante. Today, we get a wider full color version of this same image which shows Ben Affleck in costume all the way down to his gold belt. Even though we've already seen the actor suit up in the trailer, this is the best image yet that we've gotten of Gotham City's greatest hero.

The image comes courtesy of JPosters. And it's likely that this image will be used in future promotional materials as we get closer to next March's release date. The photo is taken in light that won't be utilized in the dark and gritty movie, so this is probably the best look at this suit that we're going to get in terms of detail and color.

The original Ben Affleck as Batman character poster was given away as an exclusive at the IMAX teaser trailer event for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. These posters were created solely to accompany the first sneak peek footage. There will undoubtably be quite a few more theatrical one-sheets for the DC Comics adventure over the course of the next 11 months. Take a look and let us know what you think:

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Batman V Superman Full Color Ben Affleck Photo

B. Alan Orange