Last month, we revealed that the highly-anticipated superhero sequel Batman Vs. Superman will be the biggest production ever shot in the state of Michigan. Today, we have more details on the shoot, with the sequel's in-state budget listed at $131 million. The state's largest production before this movie was Oz: The Great and Powerful, which shot there in 2011.

The $131 million budget figure is solely for production expenditures in the state of Michigan, although it isn't known what the final budget tally may be. We reported in November that the sequel will also film the Kent farm scenes in Yorkville, IL.

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Here's what Michelle Grinnell, public relations manager for the Michigan Film Office, had to say about the project in a brief statement.

"It's the film where Batman and Superman meet for the first time on the Big Screen."

The production will be shot both in a studio setting and exteriors throughout the state of Michigan, bringing in an expected $5 million in revenue while creating 6,000 new jobs in the area. Our report from last month revealed production will take place in the state until August, although it isn't known exactly when shooting will begin.

Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Ben Affleck (Batman), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Jason Momoa star in director Zack Snyder's superhero sequel.