Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this whimsical Wednesday? We have a video breakdown tracking the conflict between Batman and Superman in the comics, Comic-Con gets its own bizarre musical and find out how to make your own versions of the Ant-Man costume and the sword from Kill Bill. Still not enough? We also have a comedian's bizarre petition to change the name of the nation's capitol to Washington Marvel, and Nick Offerman shows us his pizza farm. So, sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

The History of Batman vs. Superman

The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight will do battle in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has more buzz than ever thanks to the new trailer that debuted at Comic-Con. Comics Explained is taking a few steps back from the cinematic buzz to break down the history of conflict between these two superhero icons in the comics, dating back to a 1952 comic, where they met for the first time and actually teamed up together. The video provides a very in-depth history lesson for those seeking to learn more about the history of these heroes colliding on the page, before they do so on the big screen next year.

Comic-Con: The Musical

Nerdist teamed up with YouTube sensation Whitney Avalon from Princess Rap Battles to put together a wonderful three-minute video entitled Comic-Con: The Musical, set to the classic song "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast. If you have never been to SDCC before, this video encapsulates the experience wonderfully and accurately, although there is no mention of the ungodly stench that permeates the entire convention center for this five-day con. Regardless, it's quite wonderful, and there's even a few notable cameos to boot (Hint: Harry Potter).

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How to Make Your Own Ant-Man Suit

Cinefix's latest video in their Homemade How-To series shows fans how to create their very own Ant-Man costume, using cardboard, Tupperware lids, straws, and other items you can find around the house. If Ant-Man is a huge hit (which it should be), this could be one of the-go-to costumes this Halloween, and, by following the steps laid out in this video, you can be a rather convincing Ant-Man on a budget.

Man At Arms Forges the Kill Bill Sword

Awe Me's popular Youtube series Man at Arms is back to teach fans how to hand-forge their own Hatori Hanzo sword from Kill Bill, but there is also a unique kicker: they forged this sword by using traditional Japanese techniques, instead of modern-day forging methods. Of course, not everyone is going to have forging and iron smelting equipment just laying around their house, but this 19-minute video is still a fascinating look at the process, which includes a brief demonstration of just how sharp this blade really is.

Nick Offerman's Pizza Farm


While we wait to see where Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman will turn up next on the big and/or small screen, the actor has teamed up with Funny or Die with a hilarious "PSA" video poking fun at the government's much-criticized health standards for school lunches, with his "Pizza Farm." The actor takes us on a tour of his farm, where they "grow" pizza and taquitos from trees and sloppy joes in a field. The video also features a link to the American Heart Association website to learn more about their school lunch initiative.

Chris Gethard's Petition To Change Washington D.C. to Washington Marvel

Comedian Chris Gethard took to the SDCC floor last week, trying to drum up support for an unusual petition: to change the name of our nation's capitol, Washington D.C., to Washington Marvel... Because DC Comics sucks. This entertaining three-minute video even features a cameo from Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones, and if you're wondering, this is an actual petition on Change.org, in case you want to show your support.

Jaws Fright Rags Collection

Fright Rags Jaws Collection 1
Fright Rags Jaws Collection 2
Fright Rags Jaws Collection 3
Fright Rags Jaws Collection 4
Fright Rags Jaws Collection 5
Fright Rags Jaws Collection 6
Fright Rags Jaws Colleciton 7

Steven Spielberg's timeless classic Jaws celebrated its 40th Anniversary last month, and Fright Rags is getting in on the action with a new collection of t-shirts. There are six individual shirts priced at $27 apiece, and the uber Jaws fan can also pick up a limited-edition shirt and a mask for $40.

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