Batman Vs. Superman was delayed until summer 2016 right in the midst of a number of casting rumors, including that Josh Holloway and Jason Momoa are both up for cameos as Aquaman, a stint that would lead them directly into Justice League. While Jason Momoa recently /jason-momoa-denies-batman-vs-superman-casting-rumors/denied he has anything to do with the Man of Steel sequel, Josh Holloway is singing a slightly different tune.

The Lost actor addresses the /is-josh-holloway-aquaman-in-batman-vs-superman/report from last week that claims he is joining this superhero ensemble. And while he denies any involvement, he doesn't completely rule it out. According to him, his reps have not yet informed him about the role, but if it happens, he'd love to do it. While his schedule is open right now, his new CBS series Intelligence has proven to be a breakout hit. At this time, he's not sure if his contract will allow him the time to shoot such a massive undertaking as Batman Vs. Superman and its spin-off Justice League.

Here are Josh Holloway's own words on the matter:

"It hasn't been brought to my attention by my people, so maybe they're just floating it softly around, but that would be cool! Sure, I think I'm available at the moment as we just wrapped up [Intelligence]. I'm an actor, I like different roles. Batman movies are awesome, Marvel movies are awesome. But we'll see, I'm on a series right now. I think they usually want to sign you up for several movies and I don't know if you can do that when you're committed to a series..."

Although Intelligence hasn't been officially renewed for a second season by CBS, it seems like a sure thing since the series premiere was the most-watched debut of the 2013-2014 season earlier this month. Even if Aquaman is relegated to just a cameo appearance in Batman Vs. Superman, the actor would have to juggle his schedule with Intelligence to shoot Justice League, even if the rumors aren't true that Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League are shooting back-to-back.

However, our unconfirmed report yesterday regarding Joaquin Phoenix possibly signing on to play Lex Luthor reveals that fans should expect casting confirmations soon for Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Holloway and Jason Momoa. if this is true, and Josh Holloway turns out to be Aquaman, then that still doesn't answer the question of who Jason Momoa may be taking on in the DC cinematic universe.