Will production on Batman Vs. Superman be delayed by six weeks because of a leg injury suffered by star Ben Affleck? That's the rumor spreading quickly across the Internet this afternoon, though no one from Warner Bros. has stepped forward to confirm this report.

The Batman Vs. Superman production crew was alerted to the injury earlier this week, and were told to expect at least a six-week delay, putting the movie on hiatus for at least a month.

At this time, it is unclear how serious the leg injury is, or how the actor sustained it. Ben Affleck was photographed earlier this week walking around Los Angeles with his family. To see those photos: CLICK HERE As you can see, he doesn't appear to be in too much pain, and there is no noticeable bandage. But, the injury is apparently enough to keep him from working for a few weeks.

Batman Vs. Superman was supposed to start filming in February, but now sources close to the production say it will be closer to March. While this rumor could be completely false, Batman News, a trusted source for all things related to Batman, felt the evidence they were shown was substantial enough to report.

We will keep you updated when more on the story breaks. There is no word on if this delay will hurt or hinder the July release date. That seems doubtful, as the downtime will likely be used to focus on other aspects of the production.