A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. and DC Films dropped the 'official' trailer for Justice League a few months after showing off the first footage at Comic-Con. Soon after, a viral video emerged that showed The Avengers gathered around Tony Stark's big screen TV, watching Batman's attempts to recruit his own superhero team unfold. Now, the tables have turned. Marvel has dropped the first teaser for Thor: Ragnarok. And it's Bruce Wayne and Dianna Prince who look more than a little worried this time out.

Though it's not an epic Avengers ensemble, Ragnarok does team Thor with Hulk, and also includes the Avengers' first interaction with Doctor Strange. It also introduces a whole bunch of exciting new characters. This sequel looks like a fun, funny ride with a lot of action and adventure, as Thor and Hulk meet up in the gladiator arena to bash each other's brains in.

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Batman (Ben Affleck) watches this new trailer from his laptop. He's in the middle of reading Hollywood trade stories on how his real-life alter ego has stepped down from directing The Batman standalone movie. One new message pops up in his inbox. It's from Tony Stark. It's the Thor teaser, attached with the message, 'Come at me, bro.'

Watching from her own laptop is Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). She is looking at stories about how she needs 'more armpit hair', a bit of advice that has arrived from the collective Internet. She gets a message in her inbox. This one is from Bruce, warning, 'Not Again!' He's obviously threatened by this prestine and very colorful new footage that Marvel Studios has unleashed on the world.

But does Thor: Ragnarok really look any better than Justice League? We'll leave that for the fans to decide. Wonder Woman only watches the last few moments of the trailer, which show the sure-to-be epic face off between Thor and Hulk in the gladiator ring. She looks a little sick at her stomach. The trailer ends with the message, 'Comes out 2 weeks b4 JUSTICE LEAGUE'.

But let's be real. Does Batman and Wonder Woman have anything to be worried about? Perhaps. The previous two Thor movies are some of the lowest rated and lowest earning movies in the MCU, the first coming in at number 10 out of 14 movies thus far, and the sequel coming in at number 11. If Justice League can't beat a third movie for a standalone Marvel hero, even if it does feature the Hulk and Doctor Strange, Warner Bros. and DC Films are going to feel a little bit more than sick at their stomach. 

Justice League is the lynchpin of this whole DCEU operation. So no wonder Batman and Wonder Woman are depicted as being slightly worried. Wonder Woman box office tracking is already pointing to that being the lowest movie released as part of the DC Movie universe. So it can't help matters having Thor: Ragnarok arrive just a few weeks earlier than Justice League, looking to steal all its thunder, and while Thor is not a third tier hero, when compared to the Iron Man, Captain America, and Guardians of the Galaxy movies, his franchise is not the most popular amongst the ticket buying public. A bigger opening for Thor: Ragnarok could be a huge blow to DC, and it could completely shift everything that is currently in the works at DC Films.

So, while this is a funny video, on some levels, it has to mirror what Geoff Johns and his team over at DC Films are currently feeling. Wonder Woman arrives in June on the DC side of things, While Marvel has Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on the way this May, followed by their joint effort with Sony to resurrect Peter Parker as a viable standalone franchise in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Perhaps it's not fair to compare the two movie universes, but the tension is there, and it's seeped into the real world. This isn't just about superheroes fighting each other. This is about big Hollywood stakes. And these two videos encapsulate that. You can check out the video thanks to Movieclips Trailers. Somebody better wake Superman up from his grave real quick.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange