'Batman' News

The Dark Knight Breaks Blu-ray Records!

Blu-ray sales alone have reached 1.7 million worldwide.

Cat Parker

Warner Bros. 2009 Sneak Preview

Including Inkheart, He's Just Not That Into You, Friday the 13th, Under the Sea 3D, Watchmen and more.

Heath Ledger Wins Australian Film Institute Best Actor Award

The late actor gets his country's most prestigious film award.

Brian B.

The Dark Knight to Return to Theaters January 23. Will You Go Again?

Film poised to gross over $1 billion dollars.

Evan Jacobs

The Dark Knight Is ITunes Hottest Download - Even Before It's Release!

The world's highest grossing superhero film is now the top download of the year on iTunes.

Rumors Dismissed About George Miller's Justice League

Reps confirmed the director is indeed still onboard the project.

Cat Parker

George Miller Is Now Officially Off Justice League Film

The Australian director confirms that his version of the film is history.

The Dark Knight Score DQ'd from Academy Awards Contention

Apparently, the Academy took issue with the number of composers of the score.

Evan Jacobs

Christopher Nolan Talks About a Third Batman Film

The director talks about NOT making a follow-up to The Dark Knight.... sort of.

Brian Gallagher

Best Rumor Stories of 2008 Featuring The Dark Knight & G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra!

We've culled together the best unpublished rumor stories of recent months.

B. Alan Orange

Could Rhona Mitra Be Catwoman in Batman 3?

Yet another actress throws her name into the hat for the sequel to The Dark Knight.

There Is No Truth to Any Batman 3 Rumors

Screenwriter David Goyer puts all rumors to rest.

First Look at The Dark Knight Official DVD / Blu-ray Covers and Details!

Get your first look at the official details of the upcoming Batman release, plus see the sell-sheets and box covers!

Brian B.

The Dark Knight Rises Up to DVD and Blu-ray on December 9th!

The street date for this year's biggest film is finally confirmed, and we get a glimpse at the artwork and the sell-sheets for the releases!

Brian Gallagher

Warner Bros. Going Blu with Award Screeners

The studio will give Academy voters the option to receive award screeners in either standard or Blu-ray formats.

Brian Gallagher

New The Dark Knight Blu-ray Details

Some new information emerges about this highly-anticipated 1080p release.

Brian Gallagher

The Dark Knight to Hit Theaters Again in January

Warner Bros. wants some Oscar attention.

Cat Parker

Philip Seymour Hoffman Responds to Those Pesky The Dark Knight Penguin Rumors

He hasn't been cast yet, but the actor certainly isn't ruling it out.

B. Alan Orange

Michael Caine Confirms Johnny Depp and Seymour Philip Hoffman for Batman 3

The British actor says a Warner Brothers executive confirmed the casting.

Aaron Eckhardt's Two-Face Will Not Be Back in the Next Batman Movie

The actor responds to the "controversy" around Harvey Dent/Two Face's death in the film.

Brian Gallagher