Battle Angel Alita: Ever since he won all those Oscars and set all those box office records with Titanic,James Cameron has only been flirting around the edges of various film-geek-friendly projects . . . making IMAX documentaries like Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens Of The Deep, producing Solaris for Steven Soderberg, talking about doing Alien 5, by writing it and “letting” his buddy Ridley Scott direct and then of course there was that whole True Lies 2 debacle derailed by both “terrorism not being funny any more” and his pal Arnold’s Governornator-ship.

But today that all changed today when Cameron, during an interview for NPR’s Talk of the Nation finally stopped just making noises about his long-in-the-works adaptation of the “The Terminator meets Dark Angel Manga classic, Battle Angel Alita when he broke his now trade-marked up-coming project vow of silence with the following words:

"We're in pre-production right now on a project called 'Battle Angel', which is something I've been working on for several years and we're just finishing up the shooting draft right now. I want to dedicate some of my film-making time to environmental themes. We've been designing - it's a big science fiction film.” He went on to say “The main character, even though it's a live action film, will be done with CG animation,” he revealed, “and the second thing that's interesting is we're going to be shooting it in 3D using the stereo imagining system that we've been developing for the documentaries."

Which is all one-hundred-percent fine with me, ‘cause it means Big-Jim is FINALLY headed back to where he belongs!