Back in November, producer Roy Lee told us that a theatrical remake of the 2000 cult classic Battle Royale is not happening, due to the similarities between that project and The Hunger Games. Today, we have word that the CW Network is interested in bringing this dystopian story to the small screen with a new TV series.

The network has been involved in early discussions with Hollywood representatives about adapting Koushun Takami's novel, which director Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale is based on, into an English-language series. Nothing is solidified yet, although the network would expand the novel into an hour-long series, if a deal is finalized.

There is one major roadblock that must be cleared if this project moves forward. According to Japanese law, the producers must secure author Koushun Takami's approval for the remake before any serious talks can happen.

Battle Royale centers on a group of 10 junior high students who are forced by the Japanese government to hunt each other for sport. The original spawned the sequel Battle Royale II in 2003.