Battleship's Brooklyn Decker has made some comments about the epic board game adaptation that might have James Cameron even more /james-cameron-disses-battleship/concerned.

Moviehole caught up with the actress, who said there's still quite a bit of work to be done on the sea-set action film:

"We will do reshoots. We have shot a bunch of alternate endings. There's a lot of CGI to be done - a lot of stuff in post. [Reshoots?] Yes, depending on the storyline and where they want to take it we might be doing some reshoots", explains the cordial actress.

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"[Peter Berg] was amazing. We agreed on nearly everything. It's great when you're on the same page. He is great - and he's especially great with new actors. He loves it that there's no ego to protect and we're all just in there having fun and working together."

While reshoots could be a sign that they are unsure about the story (or perhaps the possibility of sequels?), it is reported that reshoots were already figured into the original production schedule, and there is still nearly 17 months until the film is released.