SCI FI Channel will kick off the New Year by moving one of television's most critically-acclaimed series to television's hottest night. Battlestar Galactica returns on January 21 on its new day and time - Sundays at 10pm - immediately following the highly anticipated series debut of The Dresden Files at 9pm.

"Sundays have long been considered an important night for television. It's a signal to viewers that this is destination programming and should be considered appointment viewing," stated Dave Howe, Executive Vice President and General Manager of SCI FI. "It only makes sense that SCI FI would plant its signature series there. We anticipate that the combination of Battlestar Galactica and The Dresden Files on Sunday nights will draw an even broader audience to the Channel."

SCI FI Channel, currently one of the largest producers of original programming on cable with 190+ original hours in 2006, has in recent months been spreading its programming to different nights of the week. In addition to its mainstay 'SCI FI Friday' block, SCI FI achieved huge ratings successes with Eureka and ECW on Tuesday nights, Ghost Hunters and SCI FI Investigates on Wednesdays, Who Wants To Be A Superhero? on Thursdays, and its thrill-a-minute action movies on Saturdays.

As SCI FI ramps up production on its originals slate - with nearly 210 hours of original programming planned for 2007, a +9% increase from 2006 - the Channel has renewed its commitment to providing its viewers with fresh programming throughout the year. In addition to Battlestar Galactica and The Dresden Files on Sundays, 2007 will see the return of its powerhouse Friday night block with Stargate SG-1 (for its final 10 episodes!) and Stargate Atlantis in April. The Gates will be joined on Friday nights by SCI FI's new superhero actioner, Painkiller Jane, starring Kristanna Loken. Viewers can also prepare for all-new episodes of Ghost Hunters on Wednesday nights, a brand new season of Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, and 24 pulse-pounding Saturday original movies.

Currently in production in Toronto, The Dresden Files is based on the best-selling novels by Jim Butcher and tells the story of Harry Dresden (Paul Blackthorne), a Chicago-based private detective who just happens to be a wizard. Produced by Lionsgate, the series is executive produced by David Simkins (Dark Angel, Charmed) and Robert Wolfe (The 4400, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), with Nicolas Cage and Norm Golightly of Saturn Films (The Life of David Gale, Shadow of the Vampire).