Five years after Disney purchased Marvel, the studio is finally ready to release its first animated feature based on one of the comic books with Big Hero 6. Take a look at the first poster in anticipation of the trailer set to debut tomorrow, Thursday, May 22. Then read on and learn how this particular adaptation allowed for more creative license than some of the live action Marvel movies.

<strong><em>Big Hero 6</em></strong> Poster

Director Don Hall, who helmed 2011's Winnie the Pooh, reveals that he had much more freedom on this Marvel adaptation than other directors have been allowed in the past on Marvel properties.

"I wouldn't call the movie 'based on'; it's more 'inspired by. The universe we're creating is not tied to the Marvel Universe. There's no Iron Man or anybody like that. It's a world of our own design. Really they've given us free rein to take this and make it our own."

The story follows a young prodigy named Hiro and his robot best friend Baymax as they team-up with a group of untested super heroes to save their futuristic city. Co-director Chris Williams, known for Bolt, doesn't expect this more obscure Marvel title to be the draw of the movie,

"I think what Don saw was this really special relationship between the boy and the robot that could really lend itself to a Disney movie"

The first Big Hero 6 trailer debuts tomorrow at 9am PT.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange