Last week, both Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron shared photos from their first day on the set of Baywatch as production got under way. In the very near future, the stars will be joined by a very special guest when production shifts to Savannah, Georgia, a seven-year-old Tennessee cancer patient named Gabriel "Tater" Singleton. Dwayne Johnson broke the news today that "Tater" will be visiting the R-rated set, despite his age, after the young boy and his family started a social media campaign to meet the actor. Here's what Dwayne Johnson had to say on his Instagram page earlier today.

"Tater! Guess what buddy? I'm coming to meet you!! Then I want you to be my special guest on our ‪#‎BAYWATCH‬ set in Savannah, GA. Everyone on set is excited to meet you... especially the pretty girls! Uh oh. Tater, not only am I super pumped to meet you, but I'm a big bald headed LUCKY DUDE to meet you as well. Big man you're way stronger than I'll ever be and you better get ready, because I hug like a bear! Can't wait to meet you Tater and your family big man! Your buddy ~ DJ PS: the nickname "Tater" is almost as cool as "The Rock". Actually it's way cooler."
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It isn't known when exactly the visit will take place, but we're guessing that Dwayne Johnson will surely share plenty of photos of the big day, when the time comes. The actor shared a number of photos of young "Tater" in his Instagram post, along with a touching hand-written note, which reveals this youngster has been through a lot in such a short amount of time. "Tater" has been fighting cancer for the past four years, undergoing eight surgeries, two stem cell transplants and plenty of other medical procedures.

Over the past few weeks, Tater's family has set up a Facebook page dubbed "Taterlog," where they have been encouraging friends and family members to share his wish of meeting Dwayne Johnson. The intro of his page simply states "I fight cancer like a boss." Last week, the Facebook page was updated with a post that said someone from the actor's team got in touch with the family about the possibility of a "Facetime" session, but the youngster really wanted to meet him in person. The Whitfield County Sheriffs office came up with the idea of having Tater visit the actor when he starts production on Baywatch in Savannah, Georgia, and now his wish has been granted.

We know the Baywatch adaptation will be R-rated, but the cast and crew will most certainly be on their best behavior while this brave young boy visits the set. What do you think about Dwayne Johnson making a young cancer patient's dreams come true? Take a look at Dwayne Johnson's Instagram post below, and stay tuned for more updates from the Baywatch set as production continues.