Perhaps Dwayne Johnson is having too much fun on the set of his new movie Baywatch, which reimagines the lifeguard drama as an R-rated sex comedy. He's been sharing photos non-stop since shooting began. And he's back today with a few words and our first look at Kelly Rohrbach as CJ Parker, the iconic character originated on the small screen by Pamela Anderson. Dwayne Johnson joins the photo alongside her, showing off his muscles and some more machinery. He states the following.

"The two most iconic #BAYWATCH characters of all time. Mitch Buchannon and CJ Parker. Embodied by the dope and talented @kellyrohrbach and some big, brown inked up bald dude who keeps showing up in these epic shots. #OnSet # #MitchAndCJ #EverythingSheDoesIsAlwaysInSloMo #WatchYourEyesBoys 
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Dwayne Johnson is playing the role originated by David Hasselhoff, who recently changed his name to just David Hoff. This past week, Dwayne Johnson confirmed that David Hoff will return for a cameo. Dwayne Johnson had this to say on his social media page, while teasing some interesting plot details.

"'I WAS BORN READY!' Pleasure to officially welcome the original #BAYWATCH gangsta himself David Hasselhoff to our movie! #Baywatch is the most successful TV show of all time and from the day we announced we were turning it into a movie, "The Hoff" has been our greatest supporter. Especially once he knew our Rated R movie was going to be a combination of Avengers meets Anchorman. Hoff's a cool dude who's down to have fun and here's the best part.. He's been training his ass off and gotten in the best shape he's been in in years! (cue slo-mo running and glistening chest hair.. wait, why the f*ck am I even thinking about Hoff's chest hair!?) World get ready.. #RockAndHoff #ThereAintNoBay #WithoutTheHoff"

Most assume that Pamela Anderson will not appear in the reboot, after revealing in August that "no one appreciates the remakes". But her absence has not been confirmed or denied just yet. So it's possible that we could see the old and new CJ Parker running down the beach side-by-side in this ocean-set comedy.

The rest of the cast includes Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Ilfenesh Hadera, Priyanka Chopra and Hannibal Buress. The story follows a "by-the-book and very serious lifeguard," played by Dwayne Johnson who joins forces with a "young rule-flouting hothead" (Zac Efron) to try and save their beach from environmental destruction by an oil tycoon. Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) is directing from a screenplay most recently written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Friday the 13th). Justin Malen (Bad Teacher 2) wrote the original draft of the script, with Dwayne Johnson also producing alongside Beau Flynn and Ivan Reitman.