The Good

This show is good, lite entertainment at it's best.

The Bad

Sadly, First Look didn't send me the complete second season to review but just a disc containing a few episodes.

Baywatch: Season 2 is probably filled with a bunch of episodes featuring the Baywatch beachboy studs saving people from whatever calamity might befall them in the open water. Sadly, I was only sent one disc featuring two episodes and a bonus episode titled "Panic At Malibu Pier" (which is actually the original feature length pilot). All in all this show is pretty awesome because it ran for 11 years, and for the most part mainly lived off the fact that it showed us scantily clad people walking around on the beach. Yes, it got into the characters lives here and there, but for the most part this was actors taking their work seriously even when the mood didn't call for it.

Based on what I was sent, I can only talk about the episodes I watched. For example, in "Kicks" Pamela Anderson (C.J.) wants us to believe that she is really debating whether she should become a model or remain a lifeguard. Hasselhoff (Lt. Mitch Buchannon) finds himself going up against one of his older foes, and we are treated to a lot of underground kickboxing. All in all, Baywatch: Season 2 seems like it comes with a lot of fun episodes, sadly, I was only sent a miniscule amount of them.


No Extras came with the DVD I was sent.


Aspect Ratio - 1.33:1. The shows that I got to review looked pretty crisp. I don't think the ones I watched on TV looked bad, but there was something about these that looked to be about a step up from what I'd seen when I initially watched these shows. The biggest thing was I realized how much video effects were utilized in this show. Sadly, they weren't good ones and it's apparent as you watch the show that that is exactly what they are.


Dolby Digital 5.1. The audio was fine on these discs it was just the delivery from some of the actors that left something to be desired. It was great hearing the soundtrack and getting to relive some of my Baywatch memories. Interestingly, they don't make shows like this anymore that utilize a lot of slow motion footage set to music. It's as if all shows are getting shorter to make room for commercials, so they can't linger like they did here.


Since I didn't get normal packaging for this release (they just sent a slim case), it is difficult to review this section. The cover which features Hasselhoff and Anderson is the same as the main slipcase cover for the regular release. The back gives us shots from the show, a cast picture, a tiny description, and a listing of the episodes contained on this one disc. Sadly, that is all I was offered to write about.

Final Word

This is a show that has a special place in my heart. I don't recall how old I was when I was first introduced to Pamela Anderson via Baywatch, but I remember being highly enamored with her. For a guy who had never seen a woman is perfect as that on TV before, I thought that the lords of television were playing some sort of game with me. I mean, this girl was just too put together. Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, watching Mrs. Anderson here I became enamored all over again. While I still think she looks pretty terrific now, there is something about getting to relive my youth through seeing her in hers, that really made this release something special.

Fans of Baywatch can buy both those seasons on DVD, I just wish I had gotten a full one to review.