Director Baz Luhrmann has confirmed around a third of his new film Australia, to feature Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, would be filmed in Bowen, Australia starting next April, according to AAP.

The epic centres on an English aristocrat, played by Kidman, who becomes the proprietor of a cattle station before World War II. She enlists the help of a "rough-hewn" drover, Jackman, in a fight against cattle barons who plot to take over her land. The couple drive 2,000 cattle across the Top End and get caught up in the Japanese bombing of Darwin.

"The film we're making is about the way in which the landscape of Australia transforms this English character, and I really want to go `old school' in a sense of a film like Lawrence of Arabia or Giant, where the landscape transforms.

"I wanted to express the romance and the beauty of Darwin in the 1930s."

The crew of 200, including its two major stars, are expected to stay in Bowen during the 10 weeks of shooting.

Luhrmann said he scoured every major coastal city and town around the country to find the perfect location. But it was eventually Bowen's deep water port, "gorgeous water" and historical buildings that clinched the deal.

Luhrmann said more than 100 locals would play roles such as Japanese pearlers and cattlemen, while students would be encouraged to take part in a bid to encourage young talent to stay in Australia.

No word on when the film is expected to be released in theatres!