Alexander the Great: According to the Toronto Sun, Baz Luhrmann's tale of Alexander the Great may be left in the dust...

Baz Luhrmann's keenly anticipated "Alexander The Great" film is now officially dead, according to his Australian friend Nicole Kidman, who was supposed to co-star in it as Olympias.

"No!" Kidman says when asked if Luhrmann was going to go ahead with the much-delayed project, which was going to rival Oliver Stone's Alexander, due next month. In Stone's film, Angelina Jolie plays Olympias to Colin Farrell's Alexander.

"I was too!" Kidman says when told that viewers were eager to compare the two films and that many were more intrigued by the possibilities of Luhrmann's vision.

Luhrmann, who used Kidman as his femme fatale in Moulin Rouge, last worked with her on a spectacular, multimillionaire Chanel ad in which she plays herself, a movie star escaping media hordes in a Moulin Rouge-like fantasy setting.