On November 7, BCI promotes justice, the rightings of wrongs, and everything else positive when it releases Ark II: The Complete Series.

According to The Digital Bits, this four disc set will contain all 15 episodes of this shortlived show.

On this show, the crew of Ark II flies around the country helping those in need like a post apocalytpic A-Team.

DVD Features:

- Half-hour documentary The Launch of Ark II,

- 2 episode audio commentary tracks (featuring producers Lou Scheimer and Richard M. Rosenbloom, actress Jean Marie Hon-Trager, director Henry Lange and writer David Dworski, hosted by Andy Mangels)

- Photo gallery

- Art gallery for a proposed Ark II animated series

- A booklet with episode guide and trivia

- DVD-ROM features (including scripts for several episodes and the series bible).

Ark II: The Complete Series will cost $29.98.