Things are about to get definitive!

On March 5th, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment launched the elite Definitive Editions collection with the release of 13 awe-inspiring films on DVD, including an exceptional new uncut version of Fight Club and an even sexier director's cut version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Definitive Editions are the ultimate special editions for the real film fan - each packs a punch with stunning special features, giving unparalleled behind the scenes access (RRP. 12.99 each).

To intensify the excitement for film fans, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has teamed up with UK film portal Allocine to present the Definitive Debate. The Definitive Debate will allow fans to decide once and for all the best character, tagline, artwork and line from the entire first phase of films. The website and the vote will be updated with all new choices when the second and subsequent phases of films are released later this year.

Do you prize the punch-throwing Jake La Motta over the sentimental Captain Jack Aubrey? Did Hannibal's line, "Good Morning Clarice" send chills up your spine or do you declare "I'll be back" in your daily life?

Vote for your favourites and decide the Definitive Debate at

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