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The new Star Wars teaser is out now! Stop reading this and go see Monsters Inc! We’ll be here when you get back! Ok, good. Now for the news:

Gonna be in the L.A. area Nov 10th and 11th? Get yourself a part as a brain-dead zombie in Light’s Out’s Death’s End Episode 2! You’ll get broadcast to thousands around the world and have more fun than sitting at home wishing you had something to do! Get off that couch and javascript:void(0|sign up here.

Speaking of censorship, the new Twin-towerless Spiderman poster is out. It’s just a matter of time before someone is offended and protest the fact that he is, in fact, climbing a building- a building much like that of the world trade center. See for yourself (and hope Standards and Practices too worked up) javascript:void(0|right here.

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Ain't it Cool has some rumoring of an Evil Dead 4, in which producer Robert Tapert makes a comment about Spiderman director Sam Raimi going back to his zombie making roots. Not only would this be great for Evil Dead fans, but for the movie industry as well- this just may be the biggest step towards the rekindling of independent (and entertaining) cinema since Blair Witch (that is if it ends up being independent- although a $200 million zombie movie would be kinda cool).

Censorship is trendy now! Dark Horizons has posted a list up some of the changes in the upcoming E.T. Special Edition, such as the digital replacement of guns with cell phones, the deletion of a joke about a terrorist Halloween costume and the addition of a gay-porno, er, bathtub scene between Elliot and the brown nugget of extra terrestrial joy.

Takeback: Almost here... ~Steve

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