Movie PictureThe new Star Wars teaser is out now! Stop reading this and go see {0}! We’ll be here when you get back! Ok, good. Now for the news:Gonna be in the L.A. area Nov 10th and 11th? Get yourself a part as a brain-dead zombie in Light’s Out’s {1} Episode 2! You’ll get broadcast to thousands around the world and have more fun than sitting at home wishing you had something to do! Get off that couch and {2}.

Speaking of censorship, the new Twin-towerless Spiderman poster is out. It’s just a matter of time before someone is offended and protest the fact that he is, in fact, climbing a building- a building much like that of the world trade center. See for yourself (and hope Standards and Practices too worked up) javascript:void(0|right here.

Ain't it Cool has some rumoring of an Evil Dead 4, in which producer Robert Tapert makes a comment about Spiderman director Sam Raimi going back to his zombie making roots. Not only would this be great for Evil Dead fans, but for the movie industry as well- this just may be the biggest step towards the rekindling of independent (and entertaining) cinema since Blair Witch (that is if it ends up being independent- although a $200 million zombie movie would be kinda cool).

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Censorship is trendy now! Dark Horizons has posted a list up some of the changes in the upcoming E.T. Special Edition, such as the digital replacement of guns with cell phones, the deletion of a joke about a terrorist Halloween costume and the addition of a gay-porno, er, bathtub scene between Elliot and the brown nugget of extra terrestrial joy.

Takeback: Almost here... ~Steve