Adam Yauch would be proud. Michael Diamond, aka Mike D, and Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock, are collaborating once again with Spike Jonze for the live Beastie Boys Story stage show. Jonah Hill has also joined the gang in the mysterious live show, which currently only has 5 events lined up in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. The Her and Being John Malkovich director will direct the stage show, but there aren't really any other details at the moment. However, things will definitely get weird to keep the spirit of the Beastie Boys alive.

Spike Jonze was a frequent collaborator with the Beastie Boys starting in the 1990s. Jonze came from a skateboarding and punk rock background, which worked seamlessly with the hip hop group. Arguably, their crowning achievement is the "Sabotage" video where Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA are dressed like cops and other characters from a 1970s TV series. Jonze and the late Adam Yauch had an amazing working relationship that lasted 2 decades. In addition to "Sabotage," Jonze also directed videos for "Time For Livin'," "Rickey's Theme," "Sure Shot," and the highly underrated "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win."

It's not clear what Mid90s director Jonah Hill is bringing to the table besides producing, but he did post some pictures on social media a while back that brought Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz back to their old Los Angeles stomping grounds in Atwater Village. The Beastie Boys ran their record label, Grand Royal, from the spot, directed music videos there, played basketball, skated, and recorded music at their larger-than-life compound, deemed G-Son, named after the G-Spot where the group stayed while recording the iconic Paul's Boutique in the late 1980s. It seems that the live show may document some of Hill's meeting with the group.

As for what Beastie Boys Story: As Told By Mike Diamond & Adam Horovitz will be, it will more than likely play off of the stage shows that the surviving members put together for their recent book release shows. The group did a handful of nights in North America and Europe, which told stories from the book and included interactive banter with the audience. Former Beastie Boys producer Rick Rubin was in attendance for the first book event in LA and was completely eviscerated by Diamond and Horovitz, though they didn't know he was in the crowd at that time.

Spike Jonze was also in attendance for the first Beastie Boys Book event in Los Angeles, which is more than likely where his idea to collaborate with the group sprouted from. Jonze and that late great Adam Yauch had a great working relationship, which will undoubtedly be on full display when the new stage show debuts. The first show is at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia on April 5th, with four shows at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn, going April 8th through the 10th. Tickets will go very fast, so get them while you still can. You can check out the announcement below, thanks to Jonah Hill's Instagram account.