Spike Jonze's Beastie Boys Story documentary will land on Apple TV+ after some IMAX exclusive screenings. Early last year, it was revealed that Jonze was working with surviving members Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond, along with actor/producer Jonah Hill. At the time, it appeared to be a different take on their Beastie Boys Book stage shows they were doing. The new documentary will have those elements thrown into the mix, but filtered through the mind of Spike Jonze, which should make for a memorable experience.

The Beastie Boys documentary finds Michael Diamond, aka Mike D, continuing his relationship with Apple. Diamond currently hosts an Apple Radio show title the Echo Chamber. A special cut of the documentary will open exclusively in select Imax theaters on April 3rd in a limited release before dropping on Apple TV+ on April 24th. It's not clear what will be added to the "special cut," but it sounds like something Beastie Boys fans are not going to want to miss. We'll more than likely get a nice tribute to Adam Yauch.

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The Spike Jonze documentary is billed as a live documentary experience that will "focus on the history and legacy of the group and its intimate, personal story." The documentary project is inspired by Michael Diamond and Adam Horowitz's collaboration on Beastie Boys Book, which was published in October 2018. The book, in true Beastie Boys fashion, is not a linear history of the band. While it does go by the years, it often goes off on wild tangents, much like the live show and it celebrates the life and legacy of the late Adam Yauch, aka MCA.

In addition to the Beastie Boys Story documentary, Spike Jonze also teamed up with the surviving Beastie Boys on a photograph book, which will be the director's first book project. Jonze has been a friend of the group for nearly 30 years now and the book collects 200 photographs, along with Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz both contributing new text to the photo book, with the director penning the afterword. The book will be released in March, just ahead of the IMAX premiere of Beastie Boys Story in theaters.

Spike Jonze collaborated with the Beastie Boys on the iconic music video for Ill Communication's "Sabotage," which created a whole new chapter in the group's success. Jonze and Adam Yauch were often the architects of how the videos were produced, with Yauch going under the name Nathaniel Hornblower. Jason Baum, Amanda Adelson, and Jonze are producers of Beastie Boys Story, produced for Apple by Fresh Bread and Pulse Films in association with Polygram Entertainment. Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz, Dechen Wangdu-Yauch, John Silva, John Cutcliffe, Peter Smith, Thomas Benski, Dan Bowen, Sam Bridger, Michele Anthony, David Blackman, and Ashley Newton serving as executive producers. The documentary news was first announced by the Beastie Boys Story Instagram account.